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With BDA you will be able to maximize the profit of your harvest maps with different analyzes by field, management zones, rotation, performance according to predecessor, according to soil mapping, etc. BDA automatically generates a map of your field of yields index by crop, being able to objectively identify similar management areas





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To focusing the agriculture of the future, which tends to be more complex, dynamic and technical, we need farmers with new tools that enhance their skills and improve the most transcendental decision-making.

BDA allows you to create your own graphs by crossing any variable that you have loaded and see its correlation or evolution through a pivot table

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You can follow the evolution of your crops through interactive NDVI maps with a resolution of 10 meters x 10 meters with a frequency of 5 days. You will be able to see the statistics by field, by crop and by zone, as well as generating favorite polygons (
example: two varieties, tests, etc.) and follow them throughout the campaign.
It is important to know how the crops behave throughout the campaign to understand the final yield result.

With advanced Machine Learning techniques and models adjusted to each farm and crops, it is possible to predict the yields several months before the harvest

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BDA is a responsive platform, this means that all its functions are adapted to the interaction from your cell phone, allowing you to take advantage of the information generated at any time